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Koyla ( 1997 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Shankar (Shahrukh) is a mute man, raised by the powerful Rajasaheb (Amrish Puri) who treats him like a slave. The elderly Rajasaheb wants to marry Gauri (Madhuri), a vivacious young girl. Gauri however wants to see a picture of her future husband first and Rajasaheb sends her one of Shankar�s photographs. Gauri falls instantly in love with him. Gauri accepts the proposal. However, to her horror, she realises she is married to Shankar only on paper, and now must spend the rest of her life with Rajasaheb. She refuses to accept the marriage. When her brother Ashok comes to save her, Rajasaheb kills him. But before his death, Ashok pleads with Shankar to save his sister. Shankar and Gauri flee thereafter. After a chase through the woods, Rajasaheb�s men manage to capture the couple. Shankar gets almost mortally wounded, while Gauri is sold to a brothel. A mysterious healer, however, saves Shankar and operates on his throat. Shankar regains his voice and manages to save Gauri. Very soon he realises that when he was a young boy, it was Rajasaheb who came to his village one day and killed his parents. Shankar now sets out to avenge his parents� death.

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