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Kranthi ( 1996 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Kranthi (Vadde Naveen) is an unemployed middle class man who wants to find a job as soon as possible so that he can take care of his mother and two sisters. One day at a bank he stops a gang of bank robbers and hands them over to the police. This gets him a lot of media attention as a hero but doesn't help him find a job. A couple of days later a woman approaches him in a temple and tells him that she's got a job for him. She tells him that the job involves romancing a girl and making her fall in love with him. Kranthi reluctantly agrees to it and meets the girl, Keerthi (Sindhu), the heiress to an enormous fortune. Soon, Kranthi finds himself falling in love with Keerthi for real and is in a dilemma. The lady who hires him lessens his guilt and reveals the truth that Keerthi is her niece and that her uncle(Raghuvaran) is scheming to acquire Keerthi's wealth by marrying her. So, Kranthi helps Keerthi escape from her uncle but Karnthi's family is put in danger as Raghuvaran threatens to harm them unless Keerthi is returned to him. The film has many action sequences before the climax shows Kranthi killing the evil uncle and saving the damsel in distress. "

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