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Ladai ( 1990 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali Film Ladai was released In the Year 1990 starring Prasenjit, Indrani Dutta, Ritu Das Utpal Dutta, Soumitra Banerjee & others . The Bengali Film Is Directed by Rana Mukherjee, Rahul Deb Burman Scored the Music in the Film. The story is as Raja and Joy both are very close friends. They are good students. Raja is living with his parents, brother and sister. Suddenly his father's mill declared closed. So the financial situation of their family became very tight. He tried everywhere for a job but failed to get a job. Then he begins to work for Durgadas Roy. He makes lots of money but cannot bring a smile in the face of his parents. On the other hand Joy goes to Benaras to find a job. But he returned as a police inspector in that village. Then two friends started to hate each other. In a case of diamond smuggling Durgadas involves Raja. On the other hand Raja loves Payel who is eventually the daughter of Durgadas. Then she can understand the role of her father. Durgadas and another criminal Keshto Mitra then became united for a mission. They wanted to kill Joy and kidnaps Sangita. At last Joy and Raja became united and they defeated both criminals and thus the truth prevails at the end. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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