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Lakshadhikari ( 1963 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: "Lakshadhikari Rangayya's (Chittoor V.Nagayya) right hand man is Sitayya (Gummadi).Rangayya is accused of murdering a diamond merchant and is sent to jail.His son is kidnapped and found by a childless couple Picchayya (Ramana Reddy) and Achamma (Suryakantham).He is named as Varaprasad.The couple,has a daughter named Leela after sometime.Grown up Varaprasad (N T Rama Rao ) becomes a doctor,starts a pharmacy with the help of Sitayya.He falls in love with Sitayya's daughter Padma (Krishna Kumari) and leads a happy life.Then he finds out that he is not the couple's own son,so he sets out to find his biological parents.In a surprising twist,the now released Rangayya is found to be innocent while the real murderer turns out to be Sitayya."

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