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Lakshmi Vanthachu ( 1986 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Horror,crime and black magic Tamil movie.The story is centered with holding treasure. Villain sends people from city to find the treasure in mountain village,but the black magicians protects the treasure by using their black magic power and kills all the people including villagers.Village people are afraid to go out in the night and they felt that some mishaps happening as goddess is angry so they decide to satisfy the goddess by doing rituals.Another side educated modern hero and his friend from city find its not due to malevolent power and criticize villagers for their super natural beliefs.They take help from police to investigate the crime.One day villagers decide to sacrifice on auspicious day,same day hero and his friends get into forest to find the killer. Movie ends with defeat of black magician's power but no one find the treasure which is saddest part of the movie. "

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