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Lekh Lakhe Vidhata ( 1999 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Lekh Lakhe Vidhata This is the story of love and hate, revenge and forgiveness. Sheth Mansukhlal and farmer Girdharbhai were close friends. Due to the dispute on the land village chief provoke Jiva-the younger brother of GIrdharbhai. Under the influence of village chief, Jiva kills his elder brother. Widow of Girdhar, Sharda and her son Mohan gets support from Sheth Mansukhlal. As the time passes Mohan grown up and falls in love with Madhvi- daughter of Sheth Mansukhla. Manksukhlal was against this relation he insults Mohan and forced her daughter to marry a rich guy. There Mohan becomes big singer. Meanwhile husband of Madhvi dies in one car accident. Sheth Mansukhlal is very sad as he could not bear the sorrowful life of her daughter. At last Manuskhlal goes to Mohan and requests him to marry his daughter Madhvi. Will Mohan forgive his insult and accept Madhvi? To know what happen next watch this movie. "

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