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Lekrachi Maya ( 2008 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Lekarachi Maya itself elaborates its story. To befall orphan accidently. Is accepted as natures curse. But destroy ones feelings, and to satisfy all efforts of aborting an unborn child or by giving him life and to run off by letting him for his own survival. This situation has to face by a man or a woman, especially woman. Once the child is born and left in society for its own survival. But what after that? What about the child's future? What about its rights? Who will pamper or feed him or who will be taking care of him? Who's hand's will the child hold with his little fingers? That life has to stand on his feet without any support... and then he himself has to find some path to follow. How much is his Fault in it...??? Some among these kids follows the right pathway. But as other kids has to suffer a lot and involve themselves in bad company. They has to struggle for its own survival in all seasons. Where do they get so much of cleverness and awareness without going to any school? This story tells us about the orphan children who has left alone in this world for survival. Similarly, the character BABU indicates this story. Babu, meets the reporter named Shweta. As we had probable many children like Babu in this society while promoting this story in front of the people. These children are cheated by their parents and left alone in this world to survive, but still they so innocently tackle with all the difficulties and problems that they have to face in this economic society. As we are surrounded with so many selfish people in excess to this society and as there are few noble people who expose these selfish people in front of society and help these orphan children to survive. Lekarachi Maya, the story on the whole is in search of dignified people. "

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