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Love Ka Tadka ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "A newly married meat-eating couple encounter problems after moving into a purely vegetarian society. Employed with Easy Finance, Mumbai-based Aditya lives a lower middle-class lifestyle in Jethabhai Chawl. He dramatically meets with Riya, an employee of Live India, both fall in love and get married. He comes to know that her Punjab-based father is very wealthy, and in order to impress him, both take loans totaling Rs. 35 Lakhs to purchase a flat. The owner of the flat, Rustam, wants Rs. 75 Lakhs but conditionally sells it to them if they come up with the rest of the money in 3 months - or else the flat and the amount they have paid will be forfeited. With Riya's father already in Mumbai to greet his newly married daughter, the duo readily agree to Rustam's offer and move in. Complications arise when they find out that the society they have moved in is 'strictly vegetarian'and the couple, including Riya's father, are meat-lovers."

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