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"Lovesongs - Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow" ( 2008 ) , English

Synopsis: "An aspiring advocate learns about his parents and maternal grandmother's past. Kolkata-based Rohan Mitra lives with his widowed maternal grandmother, Mridula Chatterjee. He is an aspiring advocate who will soon be taking up his first assignment with an established lawyer, and is attracted to Tara. Through discussions with his grandmother, he finds out that his parents' relationship was far from harmonious - with his mother, Palaash, getting into arguments with her husband, Dev, and frequently asking Mridula to intervene, and even moving out several times - with Dev threatening to move the courts to take possession of Rohan. Things come to a boil after Dev decides to leave for Australia leaving his family behind. Rohan does not know that more surprises are in stock for him as Mridula's story unfolds - and she relates who actually named his mother."

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