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Luv U Bobby ( 2009 ) , Punjabi

Synopsis: " Luv U Bobby'��is a love triangle and portrays the different colours of the legendary love story��Bobby. The movie is targeted at the Punjabi youth living in the cosmopolitan cities. The movie provides a glimpse of a family where the father, Mr. Vikram Sandhu is a Colonel and a strict father too and aspires to maintain same disciple in his family. Samsher Singh who was a Sepoy under Col. Vikram Sandhu loves Yuvi like his son. Vikram who wants his son, Yuvi to become a Colonel like him sends him to a Boarding School. After growing up when Yuvi returns to his house he falls in love with a girl, Bobby whom he meets on his way back to home. Coincidentally, Yuvi and Bobby takes admission in the same college where their liking for each other increases even more. Vikram Sandhu insults Samsher Singh when he comes to seek Yuvi's hand for his daughter, Bobby. The other side he decides to get his son married to Sher ji's daughter Jassu. Yuvi and Bobby gets kidnapped where Samsher Singh saves Vikram from Sher ji who is Vikram's Business Partner too. Will the father let his son get married to Bobby? Watch the movie to find it out. "

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