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Maa Aur Mamta ( 1905 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "A Hindu mother���. A Christian son���. . A Muslim grandfather���. . Here is a unique motion-picture of great integration. Nutan, the unmarried mother has no blood relation with Jitender, the son. She has sacrificed her life for Jitender as she has promised her father to take care of him till Jitender meets his real parents. Nutan has brought up Jitender facing several hardships under the guardianship of a Taxi driver. Jitender is in Love with Mumtaz who is the only daughter of a millionaire. Coincidently, Nutan gets the job of a nurse at Ashok Kumar���s residence and takes care of his ailing wife Nirupa Roy, the real parents of Jitender. When the story unfolds and Nutan comes to know that Jitender is the only heir of the big Empire owned by Ashok Kumar and Nirupa Roy, she loses her wits and does not want to lose Jitender, who is like her real son. Jitender also refused to go to his real parents. But in the end ���All is Well which ends Well���. It becomes a Happy large family."

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