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Maa Momai Taro Mahima Aaparampar ( 2011 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Ma Momai Taro Mahima Aprampaar Asha is the only daughter of Sawitri and Devendra Sinh and she is the true devotee of Ma Momai. Asha gets marry to poor guy Amar. As no one can do anything against the destiny, same happened in the life of Asha. She has to face many hurdles and problems in her life. One of the hurdles was Vikram, who wanted to marry Asha for her money. And another trauma of Asha's life was that, she wanted to be a mother but could not conceive a child. It will be interesting to watch this Gujarati featurefilm to see how Asha paves her way and pass all the hurdles of her life. And how Ma Momai helps her real and true devotee? Must watch a movie.... Ma Momai Taro Mahima Aprampaar. "

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