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Maan Abhimaan ( 1980 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Young and enthusiastic Ajay is entrusted with his father, Mathura's, business. One of his first assignments is to secure a palatial house in a remote rural community. He travels there, sets his eyes on a young, embittered woman named Mallika Singh, the daughter of Mathura's deceased partner, Thakur Sumer Singh. Ajay is attracted to her but she shuns him at every meeting. Ajay decides to find out why she is so bitter and angry with him. He learns that it was his dad who embezzled monies and properties from a trusting Sumer Singh, leaving the latter without any money and a house that is heavily mortgaged. Sumer and Mallika had both sworn to distrust the evil Mathura and his kin throughout their lives. "

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