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Maha ( 2006 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Mano (Bharat) falls in love with Jothi (Mallika Kapoor), who comes to his village near Ooty for an NCC trip. He traces her to Vizag, where he realizes that she is deeply in love with Prem (Arun Kumar), an accomplished cricker, cum industrialist. He is heart-broken, but he decides that true love is all about making the person you love get what she wants, and so stages an elaborate hoax to help Jothi get Prem.Prem is in love with Nandini (Deepu), a TV anchor, and Jothi is depressed by that. Mano introduces himself to her as Nandini's ex who she dumped for Prem, and tells Jothi that if they work together, they can break up Prem and Nandini, and then she can get Prem and he can get Nandini. So they scheme, and film is all about how they first get Prem and Nandini to break up, and how Mano then gets Prem to fall in love with Jothi and gets them married.The film takes the moral high-ground on making Jothi unite with her love, but you are wondering if it isn't wrong to break up two lovers (Prem and Nandini). To give the girl he loves what she desires, Mano has no qualms about destroying the love of two others. It's unlikely the audiences are going to bother with this -- what they will bother about is an overdose of tragedies from Bharat coming their way. After Premiste, it's now Maha.The performances by the lead pair are brilliant -- Bharat portrays a heart-broken lover so authentically, you wonder if he's gone through one. Remember, the 8th guy has also failed in love. Mallika as a bubbly young girl wearing her emotions on her sleeve is quite lovable, and she looks quite good in her teenagers' attire, too. All performances are good.The music by Yuvan Raja has some innovative tracks. The dubbing (this is a Tamil film) is passable, but there is too much Tamil script all over the place -- our neighbours down south are taking Telugu audiences more for granted with each passing film, doing lesser and lesser cleaning up. "

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