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Maha Mantri Timmarusu ( 1962 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: "The story begins with the pattabhishekam of Sri Krishnadevaraya.Before the function,he participates in the dance and music function of Chinna Devi.They get married and becomes his first queen.After coronation,Timmarusu arranges the marriage with Tirumala Devi daughter of Srirangapatnam kingdom.Timmarusu slaps him to remind him about the kickbacks while seating on the crown.He plans to attack Gajapathis of Kalinga kingdom lonely.Knowing about this Timmarusu reaches Kalinga and protects him.Pratraparudra Gajapathi wanted to kill him with the help of his son Veerabhadra Gajapathi.However his daughter Annapurna Devi openly opposes it and loves him.Prataparudra agrees to marry his daughter to Krishnadevaraya.After the marriage,he plans to kills him.With the help of Timmarulu he comes out of danger.They reach the Hampi with Rani Annapurna Devi along with Hamvira.Annapurna gives birth to Tirumala Raya.Hamvira creates differences between Krishnadevaraya and Timmarusu and kills Tirumala Raya.He convinces Rayalu that Timmarusu is the culprit.The court on the instructions from Rayalu orders to make him blind and imprison him.Before Rayalu Knows the fact,the punishment is implemented.However Timmarusu pardons him and their relationship continued."

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