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Mahapith Tarapith ( 1989 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Mahapith Tarapith was released in the year 1989 Bengali film starring Debasree Roy, Satabdi Roy, Chiranit & others. The Bengali film is Directed by Guru Bagachi, Sunil Majumdar scored the music in this movie. The story is as Sameer Roy was not only an eminent lawyer, but also a devotee of Goddess Tara. Once he met Ajay a police officer on the way to Tarapith. Sameer shared some of his experiences about Tara Ma. Ajay ignored all of his stories. Ajay had a handicapped child. His wife forcefully took him and his child to Tarapith. All of them visited Tarapith burning ghat and other places. At last, a holy man helped Shankar and astonishingly he became completely fit. Later another man told them the story behind the origin of Tarapith temple. Joydutta a businessperson and his child Bijoy both of them helped to establish the temple. How and when Tara ma came to help them and the way Bijoy got back his life really made them spellbound. Everyone enchanted with the story. At last, Ajay also became devote of Tara ma and everything ended with a happy tune. Visit us at "

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