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Mahercha Nirop ( 2007 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Mahercha Nirop is a thoughtful story that depicts the true meaning of love. Jai is a wealthy college boy who falls in love with a girl named Juili (Girja Oak). Soon Jai proposes to Juili, but she rejects his proposal. Juili starts ignoring Jai as she finds that Jai is getting too much possessive about her. When Juili insults Jai in everyone's presence, Jai decides to kill her by throwing acid on her. But, when he does so, he realizes that he has committed a big offense and loses his mental stability. Jai's mother admits him to a mental hospital so that she can protect him from the clutces of law. Later, Jai learns that the one on whom he has thrown acid was not Juili, but her best friend. When Juili learns that Jai has committed such a horrible crime, she gets scared and decides to go far away from him. However, once, coincidently Jai meets Juili and he gets aggressive. Juili informs her parents about Jai's past. When, Jai's mother learns that Jai is crazy after Juili, she insists to Juili's parents for Jai and Juili's marriage. Jai's mother tries to hide Jai's mistakes. She forces Juili to marry her son, Jai. Will Juili give up and agree for the marriage? "

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