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Mai Ka Bitwa ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Choudhary nageshwar (sadhashiv amrapurkar)whose whole village is a victim of bad deeds.but no one has theguts to go against his terror! To finish such a cruel person a mother stands up who has one and only support that is her son (bitwa)! Whenever the son was injured the only voice he would call out was --mother!(maa) and when injured mother strives for justice her only hope is her son ! To pay bactk the loan of his mothers milk each and evry son has a wish to do so. But this mother's son bitwa indrakumar has madness over him to pay back the loan of his mother's milk. Destiny plays weird games in which palace choudhary nageshwar resides with his poisonous son vishambar in that only palace god sent bindhaya (sangita roy)as arjuns love !beautiful and innocent was nageshwars daughter but had gone crazy in arjun's love. And had taken a promise to spend her entire life with the enemy. This love had brought both the families to a great height. Mothers loan, b.indyas love, choudharys bad deeds, and his own happiness --mai ka bituwa is jumbled in the whole web! ��� Will arjun be able to break the web..? ��� Did bindya get her love?"

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