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Main Aisa Hi Hoon ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Indraneel Thakur, who suffers from autism, works for a living as a waiter in a cafe in India. One day, while closing the cafe, a young woman, Maya Trivedi, asks for his assistance as she has missed the last bus. Indraneel takes her home and agrees to take care of her child, Gungun. Maya suddenly leaves never to return. Years later, Gungun now bigger, attends school and believes that Indraneel is his dad. Their world is changed when Maya's dad, Dayanath Trivedi, arrives from London to take custody of his grandchild. Indraneel refuses to part with Gungun and as a result a case is filed in Court. The Judge finds Indraneel incompetent as a father and tentatively puts Gungun in the Court's custody. Indraneel must now prove that he is capable of looking after Gungun knowing fully well that he is unable to look after himself. "

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