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Manchi Mitrulu ( 2006 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ashok is an honest living man who works at a bank. He has a group of close friends who actually only use him because Ashok always sees the good in people and is unfailingly kind. Ashok still believes that they have the potential to change. He falls in love with Aparna who happens to be his boss' sister. They eventually get married and have a kid. One day when Aparna has an accident, Ashok goes to his so called friends to ask for help but they turn him down. Without the money for the medical treatment Aparna succumbs to her injuries and dies. After awhile Ashok gets married again to a girl named Manju. His friends who abandon him, start to get friendly again because they find his new wife attractive. The movie shows how Ashok makes his friends realize the importance of being a friend and the responsibilities that come with it. "

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