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Mandhirap Punnagai ( 1986 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Gita is the granddaughter of millionaire Srinivasan Rao. He wills all his property to her with a clause that in case of her untimely death, all the property would go to Ranjith, his cousin's son. Ranjith wants to kill Geeta and get this property. He strikes a deal with Dr. Bhaskar (Satyaraj), a heart patient himself, to kill Geeta. Dr. Bhaskar agrees owing to his poverty. D.C.P. Arun (Satyaraj again) is an honest cop on the look out for the dacoit Daniel Miranda Dhairyaraj (Raghuvaran). Daniel abducts Geeta as she resembles his dead wife Sheela and forces her to marry him. How all these complexities are untangled, form the latter part of the movie. "

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