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Maryada Ramanna - Real Son Of Sardaar ( 2010 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " The main plot is based on Rayalaseema, its hospitality and factionism. In the 1980s a man named Raghava Rao gets into a fight with his cousin and is stabbed but kills his cousin with a hatchet. The victim's brother Ramineedu and his sons swear that they will kill Raghava Rao and all his family. Raghava Rao returns home with a knife in his chest and asks to take his son. His wife doesn't want her son to be involved and refuses. She sends him away to Hyderabad. 20 years later, the son, Ramanna, is a bicycle courier who always ends up delivering his wares late. His boss claims that until he buys an auto rickshaw to go faster, he will not have a job. As Ramanna comes home, a letter arrives notifying him that he has inherited land in Rayalaseema. His uncle warns him, saying that his parents sent him away because of big trouble, and that he should not go back. Ramanna scoffs and doesn't believe there will be a problem after such a long time. As he gets on the train to Rayalaseema, he befriends a girl named Aparna. After many antics on the train, they arrive. Aparna's sketchbook slips from her bag and Ramanna tries to get it. By the time he finds it, the train has left the station and Aparna is gone. Ramanna gets down at the next stop and asks for a ride into town. A man named Mallasuri, elder son of Ramineedu, gives him a ride to town and lets him off with a young guide who shows Ramanna around town. Mallasuri overhears their conversation and learns that Ramanna is the son of Raghava Rao. Mallasuri tries to catch Ramanna, but loses him. Meanwhile, Ramanna is told that the way to consolidate his property and sell it is to visit Ramineedu, not knowing who he is. Ramanna ventures to Ramineedu's house and is surprised to find Aparna there, who is the daughter of Ramineedu. While they are eating lunch, Mallasuri comes home, takes his father and his younger brother Baireddy aside and reveals who Ramanna is. The father maintains a doctrine of hospitality and respect to his guests and will not kill him inside his home. Therefore, they have to wait until he steps out of the house. While playing a game with Ramineedu's grandchildren, Ramanna comes across a photo album with pictures of his parents together with Ramineedu and his brother. He deduces that the murder of Ramineedu's brother is the trouble for which his mother sent him away and finds out that he must stay inside the house. He says many goodbyes to delay his departure bit sustains a back injury from a loose swing. Ramineedu discovers that Ramanna cut the ropes to the swing and faked injury in order to stay inside. The next few moments are filled with schemes by Ramanna to stay in the house as long as possible. Aparna is expected to marry her cousin by her family they think of each other too much as brother and sister to do so. Her cousin is convinced that Ramanna is in love with Aparna and misunderstands his attempts to stay in the house as attempts to stay with Aparna. Ramanna tries to get Aparna and her cousin married so he can stay for the wedding. Her cousin, through Ramanna's actions, falls in love with Aparna and agrees to marriage. While everyone is preparing for marriage, Ramanna hides in a basket but is seen by Baireddy. As the baskets are taken out of the house, Baireddy cuts that basket only to find it filled with flowers. In reality, Ramanna switched baskets after overhearing Baireddy's conversation. He runs out of the house and is followed by Baireddy and Mallasuri. After a long chase, he ends up at a bridge where Aparna helps him get across and block the bridge from further crossing. However, he realizes that Aparna loves him and decides to stay with her rather than running away from love. Ramineedu and his sons start to beat up Ramanna but he doesn't let go of her hand. Unable to take it, Aparna jumps off the bridge into the river and Ramanna goes in after her and brings her ashore. The family realizes Aparnas and Ramanna's love for each other and quite decide to ""bury the hatchet"" and let them marry. This movie is being remade as ""Son Of Sardaar"" with Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha.. "

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