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Mast Maja Maadi ( 2008 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: The film revolves around four good for nothing and irresponsible youngsters getting to know of a hidden booty by a person who is on the verge of death in a few minutes. The person was driving a speeding car which overturns in a field. Unfortunately for them a police officer who is following the car also comes to the scene and he wants to know what was the dying person's revealations.The greedy youngsters then set on a course of treasure hunt are being followed by the police team led by the officer who also eyes on the booty. And during the course of their journey to the Botonical Gardens in Ooty where the booty is hidden the youngsters quarrel and get separated. In a series of funny encounters later all of them assemble at Ooty. And the funny game starts all over again.

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