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Matrubhoomi - A Nation Without Women ( 2003 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: In a particular village when a baby girl is born she is instantly drowned in a cauldron of milk. This practice continues on and as a result, many years later there are only men and boys everywhere and no women. A widowed man, Ramsharan, ponders his plight and that of his five grown sons, who he is unable to get married. But there is hope when a friend informs Ramsharan that he has located a bride for his eldest son. Ramsharan pays a substantial dowry for Kalki and gets her married to his eldest -- or so he hopes. However, Kalki finds to her dismay, that every male in the village, including her father-in-law wants a piece of her and is willing to do anything to satiate their non-existent sex-life. All five and the father-in-law-exercise their conjugal rights in turn. She starts getting closer to the youngest brother, the only one who treats her like a human being, much to the chagrin of the father and others.

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