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Mayam ( 2004 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Vishnu Prasad Singh lives a middle-class life with his dad, Balwant, and mom. He is generally ignored by his dad, pestered and abused by his mom. He works as a salesman, but due to his lack of confidence in himself, he is unable to accomplish much. To make matters worse, the boys in the neighborhood make fun of him all the time. This compounds his shyness and timidity all the more. The one bright spot in his life is a young woman named Mohini, who he is attracted to and keeps on staring at her on the sly. Then a young man named Sameer, from the U.S., enters Mohini's life, bursting yet another bubble in Vishnu's dreamworld. Fed-up, he prays with all his heart that since no one really notices him, he would be better off invisible - and his wish comes true. Alarmed at first, then delighted with his new powers and gift, he goes about trying to make things right for himself, and avenging himself against those who had wronged him, including his mom and Sameer. He gets so caught up in this that one thing leads to another, and soon he is living a life of crime. When the police find out that their culprit is invisible and has a crush on Mohini, they use her to entrap him. The question is does Mohini have any feelings for Vishnu or will she fully cooperate in entrapping Vishnu to the police - who have been ordered to shoot-to-kill "

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