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Meghla Mon ( 2007 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: Farhad was a Muslim guy. He lived with his family in a hill area. There was a girl Siuli Sen who belonged to a Hindu family. Farhad and Siuli were in same college. Siuli falls in love with Farhad. They loved each other madly. Once Farhad father was caught by military and they blamed him that he was a terrorist. Farhad father was dead. Farhad was taken by his brother to a place there he met Sabita who was in a terrorist group. Farhad joined the terrorist group. One day they are caught by the military. Sabita was dead and Farhad was jailed for 4 yrs. After four years he is released from jail and started to live in a sanatorium. One day he met Siuli and her husband. Siuli misunderstood him. Farhad was very ill. Ultimately he died and Siuli comitted suicide

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