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mena gurjari ( 1975 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Mena Gurjari This is an epic story of brave Gujarati girl Mena. The movie shows the virtues and braveness of a woman from land of Gujarat. After many prayers to goddess Maa Kali, Merubha becomes father of a beautiful baby girl Mena. From the childhood only Mena was bestowed with the blessings of deity of Pawagadh- Ma Kaali. Mena becomes enchanted beauty as she grows from a girl to a woman. Mena does not deter with anyone. When dacoits attacked on the village, Mena fights with them and save villages chief daughter. Village chief was very happy with the bravery of Mena, and wanted that his son should get marry to Mena. But Mena refused to marry stupid and timorous son of village chief. This makes village chief angry and decides to take revenge of this. Now what will happen next? How Mena will fight against the menace of the village chief? How Mena will save herself and protect the field of her father? A must watch movie for all Gujaratis. "

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