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Moondru Mugam ( 1982 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Alex Pandiyan (Ranjinikanth) is a very conscientious cop. He arrests the goon Ekambaram and thereby, gets into his bad books. Ekambaram extracts vengeance by killing Alex Pandiyan just when his wife is giving birth to twins. The mother dies in childbirth and Alex's sister is forced to look after the twins. Owing to her poverty, she gives away one child to childless Ramanathan. Ramanthan names the child Arun (Rajinikanth) and brings him up well. On Arun's 25th birthday, he gets a jolt and is able to see all that has happened to his father at the hands of Ekambaram. How Arun finds his twin brother John (Rajinikanth again) and gets justice by bringing the culprits to books forms the remaining part of the story. "

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