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Moothavan ( 2000 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " True to the title 'Moothavan"" Rajaram (Chiranjeevi) acts as the responsible elder sibling of his two brothers, Gopu and Ravi. Orphaned at an early age, he brings them up with utmost love and care. Gopu and Ravi are Mechanical Engineers. Rajaram has pampered them so much that they have gone wayward. Rajaram turns a blind eye to all their faults, till the day both Gopu and Ravi, walk in sozzled for their own engagement. The bride's sister Devi (Soundarya), with whom he is secretly in love, rubs salt to his injuries by her acidic comments. An irked Rajaram belts both the brothers and turns them out of the house. The brothers unknowingly walk into a neatly laid trap by an industrialist Rangaraj. What enmity does Rangaraj have with Rajaram? Are there any skeletons in Rajaram's cupboard? "

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