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motina chowk re sapna man ditha ( 1999 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " MOTINA CHOKRE SAPNA MAN DITHA This is the emotional story of a sister who scarifies her whole life for her family and especially her younger sister. Leena is the elder daughter of one middle class family. Her mother is very pious and religious. While father is bed ridden and handicapped. Leena's younger sister is Surekha and she suffers from mental disease of schizophrenia. Due to this, Leena has to suffer a lot and have to sacrifice every now and then. Leena takes all the responsibilities of the family with the smiling face. Leena is a good singer and she fall in love with Anupam. Before their relationship blossoms, Anupam falls in to love of Leena's younger sister Surekha. Leena sacrifices her love. Anupam was not aware about the mental disease of Surekha. Anupam and Surekha lives happily after marriage. As the time pass, Surekha gives birth to a baby girl. Leena was on the cloud nine...but Surekha comes to about her elder sister's sacrifice. Without telling anyone, Surekha leave her house so that her sister can live happily with Anupam. Now what happen next? Does Surekha lives with Anupam? Where has Surekha gone? To know all these answers, a must watch social movie...MOTINA CHOK RE SAPNAMA DITHA "

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