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Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain ( 2001 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Karan does poorly in academia but is great at music. His father, Krishna (Dalip Tahil), believes he should give up music and focus on his studies. As Karan proves him wrong, he gets removed from the house. Wandering on the streets, he notices young Pooja (Kareena Kapoor) playing with little children. Before he can approach her, she leaves. He looks, but there is no sign of Pooja. When he loses hope, he goes to a different city with his uncle, where their car breaks down. He hitches a ride from a stranger and is shocked to find the driver is Pooja. During the drive, a truck hits the car and falls into a valley. Karan and Pooja hang by the edge of the cliff but Karan saves Pooja before his hands slip and he falls down. After gaining consciousness, Pooja realizes it was her fault that Karan died. Meanwhile, Karan is found and taken to hospital. He is reunited with his family, and starts thinking about how he should confess his love to Pooja. She finds him and just as they start a relationship, he finds out that she is leaving India for further studies. Devastated, he finally confesses that he loves her. Pooja cannot deny her feelings, also confesses her love and they both promise to marry each other when she returns. "

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