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Mull Illatha Roja ( 1972 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Highly emotional tearjerker melodrama,Tragedy squeezed in the climax when two peaple leaves fighting for their life.Protogonist is dumb and very innocent guy and heroine is also very innocent teenage girl,who is childish with the villagers.Villagers had huge crush on her and they tried to molest her.Hero and heroine and their expression of love depicted in different way,when they decide to run away from village.Goundamani as a villian,womeniser,village fuedal lord,who turns his gaze to heroine,trying to molest and rape her in their way of journey.Both fight for their life.Their innocency emotionally depicted and which breaks the social fantasy. Directed by Ramaraj,Muraliraj is music director. "

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