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Muqaddar Ka Sikandar ( 1978 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Orphaned and abused at a very young age, a young boy faces the harsh side of life as he struggles to make a living by slaving day and night. He gets empathy from Kaamna, a little girl, in whose house he works. Her dad abhors his presence in their house and asks him to leave. He is then adopted by a Muslim woman, who names him Sikander (Amitabh Bachchan). Years later, Sikander now grown up has amassed a fortune by turning in smuggled goods to the police, and getting generous rewards. However, his heart still lingers for Kaamna (Rakhee). On the other hand, Kamna, doesn�t want to do anything with Sikandar and spurns him. He frequents Zohrabai (Rekha), a prostitute. When a young lawyer, Vishal (Vindo Khanna) saves his life, he takes him home and treats him like a brother. Vishal is unaware of Sikander�s feeling for Kamna and falls in love with her. Sikandar feels betrayed by his best friend. He turns to Zohrabai for solace, only to find her dead. Sikander must now decide to end Vishal�s life or kill himself in order to forget Kaamna.

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