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Murli Meets Meera ( 2011 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: "Murali Meets Meera movie is romantic love story and family entertainer. The whole story happens in one night and strikes a positive note at the wee hours of early dawn. The story starts off with Murali���s journey as he is determined to commit suicide due to a dejection in love. He meets Meera who embarasses him with many of her gaffes and childish pranks. But as the movie moves on he tells his past to Meera who empathises with him. Slowly, Meera makes Murali realise that there is no point in brooding over the past and he should put a step forward. But later on Meera also reveals her past which shocks Murali. By this time Murali has decided to marry Meera and tells her to accept his request to marry him. The highlight of the movie is the climax and the sequences leading to it."

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