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Muthu Mandapam ( 1962 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Kannan(SS.Rajendran) is a playful youngster. Neelamani(Vijayakumari) also sharing classes with Kannan but both were like tom and Jerry. Kannan gets opportunity to help her from goons after then their love started. Paranthaman(Ashokan)is a music teacher for Neelamani,he has so much love for her but he married to Kumutha Vaali, a classic dancer. One day Neelamani goes to Paranthaman's house to invite them for marriage. Paranthaman trying to molest her but she escaped from him. Later she gets to know about Paranthaman died. Police,Kumutha vaali and Kannan also suspects Neelamani. Meantime M.R.Radha is a doctor,helping Kumutha vaali due to his fondness towards her. Police investigating the crime. What happens next? Police find the killer? Whether Neelamani is a Killer? Climax only has answer. "

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