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Naan Yen Piranthen ( 1972 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Kannan (M.G. Ramachandran) and his wife Sharada (K.R. Vijaya) are in debt. Unable to repay the money, Kannan goes to Chennai looking for a job. He promises to send money to his family which he leaves behind in the village. He finds a job at Mohanasundaram's (Sundarrajan) office, but is forced to lie to him that he is a bachelor. Meanwhile, Mohanasundaram's daughter Radha, who is suffering from depressive psychosis, comes back home. Kannan with his positive attitude and patience brings her back to her normal self. She falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Kannan's wife and children arrive in Chennai as they can no longer bear harassement by Kannan's sister Mohana. While Mohanasundaram's partners Bhaskar and Rajan (Nambiar) dislike Kannan and try to get him out of their way, Mohanasundaram wants Kannan to marry his daughter. Before Kannan wriggles out of this mess, his wife Sharada decides to sacrifice her marriage for Radha's sake. Will Kannan marry Radha? Or will Radha come to know the truth and unite Kannan with his family? "

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