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Nagabandham ( 1999 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Lakshmi (Vinaya Prasad) the only daughter of a rich landlord, marries Krishna (Sai Kumar) on the condition that he will live with her in her maternal home after marriage. Though Krishna's sister and mother are upset, Krishna is firm on his decision. Lakshmi and Krishna lead a happy married life are blessed with a daughter. However Lakshmi's life runs into rough weather when she learns of her husband's extra-marital affair with a dancer named Ramba. When she confronts him, he feels guilty and moves to his parent's home in another villlage. Lakshmi joins him there with their daughter. She leads a difficult life there, constantly tortured by her in-laws, but does not complain to her husband. Her only friend in need is a snake, who follows her from her maternal home. Will the snake extricate her from the agony or will Lakshmi ruin her life with her tolerance and silence? "

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