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Nagavalli ( 2010 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Shankar Rao (Saratbabu) finds a boy for her second daughter Gowri (Richa).But, the bridegroom runs away after a shocking incident and then Shankar, along with his wife (Prabha) meets Ramachandra Siddhanti (Avinash), who in turn invites Dr Vijay (Venkatesh) to deal with the situation. Dr Vijay is the student of Eswar (Rajinikanth). Siddhanti realises that the reason behind the unforeseen incidents that are happening is due to a portrait of Chandramukhi and he finds that Eswar, though drove away Chandramukhi from Ganga (Jyothika) few years ago. Chandramukhi did not leave the world and remained in the form of portrait and moves in the form of a snake. He believes that Chandramukhi caught one among the daughters of Shankar Rao. However, he did not reveal that his first daughter Gayatri (Kamalini Mukherjee) is living in a mentally-challenged condition. Everyone believes that it is Gayatri, who was caught by Chandramukhi. But Dr Vijay takes up a detailed study about all the family members and finds that she is not caught by Chandramukhi. He gives her treatment and make her come out of the mentally-deranged condition. During the course, he comes to know about Nagavalli and her link with king Nagabhairava Rajasekhara (Venkatesh). What happens next should be seen on-screen. "

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