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Naina Jogin: The Ascetic Eye ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " In Madhubani, people struggle against trying circumstances to eke out a living. Many have taken to painting to survive. They paint the traditional motives (erstwhile painted on cow dung textured walls of huts and closely associated with ritual) unto paper. These paintings are then sold in markets in India and abroad. While many painters repeat certain traditional motives other artists boldly expand the scope to include contemporary themes. The film is about these painters, their circumstances, their inspirations and their works. The film grows to completion by a criss-crossing of narratives stitched together by sights and songs of the milieu that births these artists. The central line of the film is the Khobbar ritual in which a newly married couple spends three days and nights in the painted Khobbar Ghar before they may consummate their marriage. This vigil over desire provides the film with a mysterious energy... Praveen Kumar is a graduate in Economics from Delhi University (1985) following which he did a Diploma in Film Direction from VARAN, Paris (1987). He subsequently worked with educational TV in New Delhi, producing short videos on various issues before directing the documentary Unto the Fold in 1996. It was screened at several International film Festivals including at Mannheim and Cinema du Reel. Naina Jogin (The Ascetic Eye) is his latest work. It has won the National Award for the Best Arts/Cultural Film of 2005. "

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