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Nashibachi Aishi Taishi ( 2005 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Ravi - Sanjay Narvekar is a simpleton who stays along with his widowed mother - Usha Naik in a small house and faces many problems in his life - socially, economically, and emotionally. He is in love with Rani - Priyanka Yadav, but it seems that his love story will have to face many hurdles. Once, Ravi has an unexpected accident and he learns that his entire future might completely change because of the accident.Naaradmuni is been sent on earth to make Ravi commit a sin so that they might get a reason to take away his life. After landing on earth, Naaradmuni is exposed to human emotions, which later changes Naaradmuni's way of thinking. Why is Naaradmuni behind Ravi's life? Will Naaradmuni prove successful in making Ravi commit a sin? Will Ravi be able to marry his beloved Rani even after facing constant hurdles? Do not waste anymore time, watch this amazing movie -- Nashibachi Aishi Taishi! "

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