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Navagraha ( 2008 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Navagraha is Indian Kannada movie directed by Dinakar starring Darshan and Sharmila Mandre. It is a heist movie.Jaggu (Darshan) is the master mind behind the whole smuggle of Golden Howdah. He has taken up big challenges in the nefarious field and international smugglers give this task to him. Jaggu accepts the deal for 20 million and his demand is that the money should be transferred to his account when the stealing news is transferred. For doing this anti social activity Jaggu gets the help of eight smart persons. All the eight are expert in one way or the other. Combined in a den they sketch the plan of going underground to reach one of the three main entrances. The 'Navagraha' team selects the Simha Garjane entrance to succeed in their task of replacing the original with duplicate Golden Howdah made out of wood. The Golden Howdah is transported in a state owned transport bus to the Mangalore harbor. On the way the gang of nine 'Navagraha' faces the tough task. The difference of opinion crops up among them and that leads to furious situation. In the end the police headed by Bhagath attack the smugglers in a helicopter to save the pride of the state 'Golden Howdah'. All the 'Navagrahas' die in the process.

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