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Navuu Navvinchu ( 2007 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Jayanth a small time lawyer. He is more interested in getting property then earning it. He wants to love a wealthy girl and get the money quick and easy way. So he loves Harishchandraprasad. Gundu Hanumatha Rao and Jayanth are room maets so they are layars so they went to a cycle so they went to court and they don't have special office so the layars put their office on the put path, one boy murder one man, so the Criminal advocate Vishvanath argument for him, so he tell about the details that boy seventh class direst first 10th class state first class he have so many awards and rewards, but the death man is do murder in seventh years, but he murdered safe his sister for rape so please jadge sir you can decide. Harichandra Prasad free lance video grapher Venkat, Roudy Thirupathi and Kashi is brothers they are doing corruption so the vet ness loyar is Jaynath so he is also argument them, then his wife prayer to god, change to my husband about the liar, then the Jayanth tell only truth then he argument one case but he don't get the details about the case so think and brought the details the case then the court punish ment to roudy Thirupathi and Kashi, so he tell to her wife about the lie dear we tell to lie easily but when we tell about the truth we not telling easily. "

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