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Naya Barood ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " This film starts as a simple family story of three brothers Vivek (Ashok), Vidhyadhar (Gurukiran) and Vijay (Upendra) along with their mother. Second brother Vidhyadhar is sent to study IAS and he comes back as DC and marries police officer Shekhar's (Sathyaraj) daughter Megha (Shwetha). In the mean time Kanyakumari (Nethanya) enter their home in an unusual circumstance. Later Shankar Patil's (B.C. Patil) gang murders elder brother Vivek as he was one of the witnesses to the murder of MLA Indumathi. From then on starts the saga of revenge. What thrills you here are the electrifying fight composed by Thriller Manju. "

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