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Neelakanta ( 2006 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: The film has the shades of his film Usire and a Telugu film. Like how lord Shiva swallows the poison and keeps in his throat the protagonist in this film Neelakanta in this film swallows all difficulty on his way to remain obedient to his MasterMother and Madadhi. Neelakanta can give solution to any problems of his surroundings but he goes blank for his own problems. His mother disagrees to his accidental marriage and asks him not to see her face. On the other hand his wife on compulsion suspects Neelanakanta to the extreme. That is because of Ganga in the house who has been brought to the house in her most difficult condition by Neelakanta. With no happiness around for him Neelakanta problems slowly dilute when his mother narrate the past of Neelakanta s master. How his wife Ganga changesher trackwhat happens to Gowrithe sad end of mother and Neelakanta not able to see his motherthe putting down of goons in the meantime are all the remaining portions in the second half.This is a family entertainer with good mixture of sorrow and happy moments. .

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