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Neethikku Pin Paasam ( 1959 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The plot is between emotion and justice. Every characters in this plot portraying the law order and state are above family, individuals and their emotions are suppressed. M.G.R. is the protagonist in this story as a lawyer helping M.R.Radha from the atrocity case. Heroine Saroja Devi is daughter of M.R.Radha. Couple of meeting help M.G.R and Saroja Devi to gets into relationship. Villain Nambiar also has huge crush on Saroja Devi. So in order to marry her he killed M.R.Radha. But police arrested M.G.R.'s mother for this case. The climax is whole family of M.G.R. struggling between emotion and justice. M.G.R's father is Police inspector who arrested his wife. M.G.R's brother Ashokan another side arguing against M.G.R that mean against his mother. "

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