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Nishachar ( 2005 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: A forest officer Sudipto Sanyal lived with his wife Parna and his adopted brother Babua. Sudipto was a nice person he loved his wife but every night he left the house Parna tried to find out the reason but she failed. Parna servant Basanti and driver Bishu told Parna that it was a ghost. Babua also worried about Sudipto and Parna. One day he met an innocent girl Anupama and fell in love with her. On a rainy night Babua tried to help Parna but Parna misunderstood Babua she left the house and went to the forest. Babua tried to search for Parna. Suddenly Parna met with Siddhi Baba. She told everything to Siddhi Babas grand daughter. She came to know that Anu is Siddhi Babas grand daughter. Siddhi Baba informed Parna that one day a man tried to rape Anu. Sudipto saved her but Siddhi Baba misunderstood Sudipto and cursed him. He becomes a snake every night. Parna came to everything and tried to cure her husband. One night a snake bit Babua Parna went to Siddhi Baba. Siddhi Baba saved Babuas life. Parna killed the snake and got her husband back. Babua married Anu and they lived happily ever after.

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