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Nizhal Nijamakirathu ( 1978 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Thilagam (Shobha) joins as a cook in Indumathi's (Sumitra) house. Indu is a very headstrong, egoistic lady and lives with her brother Venkatachalam (Sarat Babu). Believing a prediction that she would be wedded to a rich man, Thilagam looses her chastity to Venkatachalam. Venkatachalam puts the blame on Kasi, a servant, who is secretly in love with Thilagam. Sanjeevi (Kamal Haasan), a friend of Venkatachalam, is in love with Indu and takes the responsibility of uniting Thilagam with Venkatachalam. Whether Venkatachalam accepts Thilagam forms the remaining part of the story. The movie ends with a beautiful explanation on true love. "

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