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Nuvve ( 2008 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Nuvve has a unique story that shows the negative shades of a heroine. Anita (Samrajni) is the daughter of a house owner in Hyderabad where Srinu's (Dhanush) friends are staying. Srinu joins his friends and bags a job within a week. His innocent nature is exploited by all, including Anita. But soon she starts loving him. Anita's mother comes to know about their love and agrees to their marriage. She is a shrewd and calculative lady who gives her consent for the marriage because Srinu is innocent, earns well, has no bad habits and as an orphan he is likely to stay with the in-laws. Then Anita meets Rana (Ravi Varma), a rich businessman. Rana likes Anita's proficiency and her beauty. He proposes to her and she agrees to marry him for his wealth. Srinu who feels betrayed commits suicide. This makes Anita feel guilty and realizes that she has made a horrible mistake. "

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