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Oke Okkadu ( 1999 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Oke Okkadu movie starring arjun and manisha koirala was directed by the acclaimed director S.Shankar who's movies like Robo(Enthiran) and Sivaji with Rajinikanth in recent years. Music was scored by A.R.Rahman. Oke Okkadu is the story of an unassuming but ambitious TV cameraman, Purushottam (Arjun). He gets the chance to interview the Chief Minister (Raghuvaran) about the the plight of their state. Insulted by his questions, the CM dares Purushottam to take up his responsibilities for one day to prove if Purushottam can do a better job. As the CM, Purushottam takes care of almost every aspect in a day's time, giving the slum their rightful apartments and getting jobs for the unemployed, suspending incompetent and corrupt government officers. After his day is done, Purushottam's mass popularity gets him in the cross-hairs of the CM who vows revenge. How Purushottam overthrows the CM and ends his oppression is the crux of the story. Manisha Koirala plays the love interest of Arjun. "

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