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Om Jai Jagdish ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Three brothers - Anil Kapoor as Om, Fardeen Khan as Jai, and Abhishek Bachchan as Jagadish - drift apart, not because one of them has less love for their mother (Waheeda Rehman) but because they view things differently. Love for each other and the family runs in their genes. The only thing is they express it differently. Jai is the carefree one who would not mind selling the family home or going to the U.S. to earn megabucks for repaying the loan his brother took; something Om cannot even dream of. He is the prim and proper one who believes that family values and valuables are forever. Jagadish does not make much of his career until he decides to marry his fate to computers, leave the family home to find his anchor. While the elder daughter-in-law is tied to family tradition, the younger one yearns for her own space but is prepared to go a few yards to see if she can vibe with them all. "

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